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Tree Services

Arb Innovations provides a wide range of Arboricultural services, including:

Tree Maintenance

Tree Pruning – Formative Pruning

If you want to increase the amenity value of your trees, or keep your trees safe and tidy, formative pruning may be the answer. See more about Formative Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning – Crown Lifting

One way to gain more light and better views is to selectively remove some of the lower branches from trees and lift the lower canopy up. See more about Tree Crown Lifting

Tree Pruning - Crown Reduction

Reducing the overall size of a tree and keeping a natural shape and form takes a lot of skill. The topping of trees is no longer a recognised practise in the Arboricultural industry.
See more about Tree Crown Reduction

Tree Pruning – Thinning

A way to obtain natural filtered light through the tree and into your property is by thinning out the upper canopy of the tree. See more about Tree Thinning

Tree Pruning – Fruit Trees

Arb Innovations can prune your fruit trees to increase their yield or increase their aesthetic appeal. We prune based on individual client needs, whether that be increased yields or visual appearance.
See more about Fruit Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming

Trimming shrubs and hedges is a lot like pruning trees – it’s important to know how each species responds to trimming. Arb Innovations trim conifers lightly as they don’t recover easily, while species like Camelias can survive a more severe trimming. See more about Tree Trimming

Tree Bracing

In some situations trees require additional support as they develop strong reactive growth around certain branches and stems. Arb Innovations can assess your trees and where necessary install Tree Bracing Systems to enhance the longevity of your trees. See more about Tree Bracing

Severe Storm Damaged Trees

After sever weather trees can become damaged, uprooted and dangerous. Storm damaged trees can be very dangerous to property owners and public. See more about Storm Damaged Trees


Whether it’s the right tree in the wrong place or a tree with some sentimental value, Arb Innovations can provide you with the means to safely transplant your tree to a new location. See more about Tree Transplanting

Tree Removal

Whether the tree is dead, dangerous or unwanted it needs to be removed by an expert. Depending on where the tree is located and what obstructions are within its fall distance depends on the complexity of the job. If a tree threatens buildings houses, gardens etc, extra care and expertise is needed. See more about Tree Removal

Woodland Management

The management of woodlands, parks and forests not only takes into account the management of trees but also the wildlife within them. Native NZ insects such as Weta and Huhu grubs live amongst the decaying wood within trees, and various birds and wildlife live throughout the treetops. Therefore when managing such environments, Arb Innovations endeavours to sustain these eco-environments within the trees. See more about Woodland Management