large tree with large branches above a concrete structure

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning - Formative

If you want to increase the amenity value of your trees, or keep your trees safe and tidy, formative pruning may be the answer. Formative pruning comprises of aesthetic pruning and structural pruning, giving the tree the best natural form and appearance it can have.

Tree Pruning - Crown Lifting

One way to gain more light and better views is to selectively remove some of the lower branches from trees and lift the lower canopy up. Different species of tree need different treatment for their long-term health and amenity value, all lower branches do not necessarily need to be removed.

Tree Pruning - Crown Reduction

Reducing the overall size of a tree and keeping a natural shape and form takes a lot of skill. The topping of trees is no longer a recognised practise in the Arboricultural industry. Arb innovations can carry out a professional crown reduction ensuring the tree retains a natural appearance. We recommend removing no more than 30% of the canopy volume at once. For more on this visit:

Tree Pruning - Thinning

A way to obtain natural filtered light through the tree and into your property is by thinning out the upper canopy of the tree. We recommend removing no more than 30% of the canopy volume at once.

Tree Pruning - Fruit Trees

Arb Innovations can prune your fruit trees to increase their yield or increase their aesthetic appeal. We prune based on individual client needs, whether that be increased yields or visual appearance.