Tree Reporting & Consulting

Arb Innovations provides a wide range of consultancy services to various clients such as developers, councils, golf courses, schools, public and private clients.

If you have Historic, Notable, Protected, Hazardous Trees or have a large Tree Asset, Arb Innovations can provide you with the following services;

Hazard Tree Reports and Assessments

An Arb Innovations Tree Report or Assessment is the first step in managing your Trees and minimising any potential associated risks. Arb Innovations can customise Tree Reports to suit individual client requirements.

Tree Reports for Development Sites

Often when a development is undertaken, as a part of the resource consent process, Tree Reports and Tree Protection Plans must be established prior to any works taking place. Arb Innovations can provide a detailed Tree Management Plan for all levels of developments, along with any preliminary Tree Reports.

Collection Surveys

Arb Innovations can collect and process large quantities of Tree Data. This data can then be used to manage tree risks and their health.

Management Plans and Prioritisation

The creation of data management plans can be developed to manage large areas of trees. The next step is risk prioritisation. Arb Innovations can create a plan where works are prioritised into the management plan. This can help manage budgets and help to make informed future decisions.

Monitoring and Supervision

Arb Innovations can provide Monitoring and Supervising Arborists to ensure Tree Protection Plans are followed and resource consent conditions are met.

Tree Evaluations and Valuations

Arb Innovations can provide professional Tree Evaluations (amenity value) or Tree Valuations (monetary value) for various situations.

Expert Witness

Expert Witnesses may be required for compensation and mitigation claims. Arb Innovations can provide Qualified Arborists as expert witnesses.