Blue sky and giant tree with equipment above a house roof top.

About Arb Innovations

Arb Innovations New Zealand

Welcome to Arb Innovations, where a decade-long commitment to excellence in arboriculture has shaped our journey since our establishment in October 2012. At Arb Innovations, we take pride in delivering an efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable service that is not only personalized but also enjoyable for our valued customers.

Distinguished by our dedication to innovation and sustainability, Arb Innovations employs modern arboricultural techniques, practices, and methods, all within a professional ambiance that sets us apart. Our expertise extends to consultant arboriculture, hazard tree management, residential tree services, and the creation of sustainable woodland environments and habitats.

While our roots are in Lower Hutt, Wellington, Arb Innovations extends its services to clients across New Zealand. With over a decade of experience, we invite you to contact Arb Innovations and personally witness the excellence we bring to the field of arboriculture.